A man uses a laptop to have a Zoom video conference.

Can Chromebook run Zoom?

Before 2020, who had heard of Zoom? It definitely wasn’t the word to describe having a video call! Now, thanks to the global pandemic, it has gone from being a tool used mostly in offices to being the go-to app for friends and family to stay in touch. So people are often asking, can my Chromebook run Zoom?

Zoom is compatable with almost any device on the market which has no doubt helped in its rise in popularity. It is also free and simple to use.

So as it is compatable with almost any device, let’s take a look at how to install Zoom on a Chromebook.

Zoom For Chrome OS

To improve the experience for Chrome OS users, Zoom have launched Zoom – Progressive Web App (PWA). This specific app enables more features to be available when using Zoom on a Chromebook.

What is a Progressive Web App (PWA)?

A progressive web app is an application that uses web based technology to deliver a native desktop experience.

Compared to a regular app PWAs are usually faster and have more functionality. They also take up less storage which is perfect for a Chromebook.

PWAs can be installed to give you an app like experience whilst using the same technology as your web browser and Chrome OS. Updates and new versions will also be recieved just like any other app.

How to download and install Zoom on a Chromebook

So now we know that a Chromebook can run Zoom, let’s look at how to install it.

On your Chromebook open the Google Play Store and search for “Zoom PWA” or “Zoom for Chrome PWA”, or click this link to be taken straight to the Play Store page.

Then press the green install button and the Zoom app will be downloaded. Log in or sign up and you’re good to go!

Zoom PWA Features for Chromebook

Functionality is much the same as Zoom for Windows, Mac or mobile. Here’s a quick run down of the Zoom PWA functionality for Chromebook:

  • Customizable Gallery View (on supported machines)
  • Self-select Breakout Rooms
  • Live transcription
  • Live translation (with assigned interpreters)
  • A new background masking feature for privacy
  • Raised hand and meeting reactions

More features are regularly added so you are definitely not missing out by using Zoom on a Chromebook!


Why is Zoom not compatible with my Chromebook?

It could be that you’re running on outdated version of the app. Install the latest Zoom for Chrome PWA and see it this resolves the issue.