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How to Factory Reset a Chromebook Without The Password

Performing a ‘Powerwash‘ on a Chromebook is a very simple process. So, how do you factory reset a Chromebook if you haven’t got the password? This guide will walk you through the process.

What is a Powerwash?

The Powerwash feature in Chrome OS is how you perform a factory reset of a Chromebook.

All your settings and data will be erased. Your Chromebook will be returned to its original condition. Just like when it was unboxed brand new!

When logged into your Chromebook you start the Powerwash process within Google Chrome settings. It’s pretty simple, anyone can do it! So, what if you don’t have the password to the owner account?

Step by Step: How to Factory Reset a Chromebook Without The Password


Time needed: 10 minutes

Follow this 8 point guide to factory reset a Chromebook when you don’t know the password:

  1. Turn on the Chromebook

  2. Press and hold Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R

  3. Select Restart

  4. Select Powerwash when the menu appears

  5. Follow the on-screen steps

  6. Sign in with your Google account when prompted

    Note: This account will the the Chromebook ‘owner’

  7. Set up your Chromebook by following the on-screen instructions

  8. Factory reset complete!


So that’s how to factory reset a Chromebook without the password. It’s quite a straightforward process that most users will be able to complete.


Is there a factory reset button on a Chromebook?

Like most traditional laptops there isn’t a dedicated factory reset button. The easiest way to factory reset a Chromebook is by following the 8 step guide on this page. This can even be done without a password!

Does Powerwash remove my Google account?

Yes, a Powerwash will erase all settings and personal data from a Chromebook. The operating system will be just the same as when it left the factory. Therefore, safe to pass onto someone else.

Does Powerwash delete my Google account?

A Powerwash only removes your Google account from your Chromebook. It doesn’t delete the actual account, which can still be accessed as normal from other devices.