Netflix logo displayed on a laptop screen.

How to Watch Netflix Offline on Chromebook

So you’ve got yourself a lovely Chromebook, but now you’re wondering: How can I watch Netflix offline?

The 2 Ways of Watching Netflix on Chromebook

There are 2 ways you can watch Netflix on a Chromebook. These are by using the Google Chrome browser or the Netflix app from the Google Play Store. This applies to all regions where Netflix is available.

Netflix streaming features on Chromebooks include:

  • Browsing: Browse through lists of TV shows, movies, genres and recommendations based on your watch history.
  • Search: Search for specific shows, movies, actors, directors, or genres from the Netflix search box.
  • TV show or movie pages: See brief synopsis of TV shows, movies and see what their maturity rating is.
  • Playback: The video playback is the same as any other device and easy to control.

Can you watch Netflix in HD on Chromebook?

Steaming Netflix using Google Chrome will play up to 1080p. However, if you are using the Netflix app from the Google Play Store playback will only go up to 480p.

How to Use the Netflix App to Watch Netflix Offline

So this is relatively easy to do:

  1. Open the Google Play Store.
  2. Search for Netflix and press Install.
  3. Open the Netflix app and sign in.
  4. Search for the show or movie you want to download.
  5. On the synopsis page press Download.
  6. A blue circle will now appear and the download will begin.

To access these downloads just simply navigate to the Downloads section within Netflix. This is where all your downloaded titles are stored ready to play when you are offline.

Benefits of Downloading Netflix Titles

There are numerous advantages to downloading TV shows and movies on Netflix:

  1. Slow internet speeds: Downloaded titles can be played as and when you want. You don’t need to worry about poor or no Internet connectivity. As the titles are already downloaded, there will be no buffering!
  2. Playback quality: The video quality is constant. This is because it’s downloaded ready to play so you’re not worrying about connection issues.
  3. Data limits: As the titles are downloaded in advance, there is no need to worry about streaming taking you over your data allowance.

How Long Are Netflix Downloads Kept?

Most downloads are kept on your device for seven days before they expire.

If you have started to watch a title that you have downloaded, you have 48 hours to complete this. After 48 hours the title will expire and you will have to download it again. As long as you are connected to the Internet it is easy to download anything that has expired. Just press on the orange exclamation mark on the downloads page.

Netflix logo displayed on a laptop screen.


Does Netflix offer HD downloads on the Chromebook app?

The maximum resolution for Netflix downloads on the Chromebook app is 480p. If you wish to watch at a higher resolution you need to sign into Netflix in Google Chrome and stream your content.

Why won’t Netflix work on Chromebook?

If your Netflix app isn’t working try the following steps: Firstly, restart your Chromebook. This will fix a lot of issues! If this doesn’t work, update Chrome OS, and then reinstall the Netflix app. These steps should fix the majority of playback issues.